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IntelliGolf is Platinum Certified
IntelliGolf is certified for Microsoft Mobile

Golf's #1 Scoring, Wagering and GPS Software™
in 125+ Countries Worldwide!

For Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and Nokia-based Smartphones

Now 27,000+ Courses*

Awarded "Best Product of the Year" IntelliGolf® just got better. The IntelliGolf version 11.x software includes all of the features you will need to improve your game, increase your winnings, and have more fun on the golf course. If you are serious about improving your golf, or just want to have more fun on the course, IntelliGolf is for you. It is easy to use, quick to learn, and is as versatile as your golf game!

Product Summaries

The IntelliGolf software comes in four (4) versions depending upon your needs and price range. They include the IntelliGolf Eagle (Premium) smartphone edition, the Birdie edition, the Legacy Pro Bundle edition, and the Desktop edition. You can click on any of the platform links (left column) to review detailed information about these products.

1. The IntelliGolf Eagle (Premium) edition software features our industry leading smartphone golf scoring, wagering, statistics and GPS software. The Eagle edition is being used by customers in 125+ countries worldwide! List Price: $29.99

2. The IntelliGolf Birdie edition companion software adds our powerful Windows-based desktop and synchronization software to any Eagle smartphone software (above). It provides users with the ability to view graphs, charts and trends on their golf game, approximating their handicap, and downloading courses via the Internet to their PC. Over 85% of our Eagle edition customers add the Birdie edition companion software to their smartphone software. List Price: $39.99

3. The IntelliGolf Legacy Pro Bundle edition includes a bundle of legacy handheld/smartphone software (e.g. Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Nokia Series 60, Blackberry OS 5-7, etc) and the Birdie edition's desktop and synchronization software. List Price: $69.99

4. The IntelliGolf Desktop edition software is for customers that do not own a handheld/smartphone but have a Windows-based PC/laptop and would like to track their scores, statistics, approximate their handicap, and view graphs on their performance. It's perfect for the non-techies amoung us :-) List Price: $29.99

Product Tours and Trials

For each IntelliGolf product we offer a Quick-Start Tour. These tours will walk you through the set-up and scoring for a typical Round of golf. To view any of these tours please click on Demo/Tour. In addition, we also offer trial versions of each product. These are fully functional products. You may download and use any single product for up to 3-Rounds of golf. To select the best product for your review, please click on Trials. In addition, we've also developed a product comparison table for you to review. Please click on Feature Table to review this matrix and/or any of the other selections listed in the left-hand column. We hope these new IntelliGolf additions will make your IntelliGolf selection easier than ever before.

Have a Great Round!

I really enjoy using Intelligolf. It is easier than a scorecard, and I get more info on my game! Thanks for putting some more fun into my smartphone!
  -Ken Rosenfeld More player quotes
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OS 10
OS 5-7
Series 60
Pocket PC
   Palm OS
or Treo

iPhone, Windows Mobile 7 & 8, and Tablet updates:
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* The IntelliGolf version 11.x software is a "one time" in-revision purchase by product per OS platform. Software updates and course downloads are FREE (i.e. no membership fees required) for our current IntelliGolf in-revision version 11.x users for the same OS-based platform and the same product. Pricing, updates, and course downloads and subject to change. Please click here for more information.

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