IntelliGolf CSE Pro!

The IntelliGolf CSE Pro software will allow you to GPS-enable an IntelliGolf course for FREE using Google Maps (i.e. without needing a GPS receiver) for those courses available via Google Maps.

"This course survey tool is unbelievable!!! I just surveyed a course in less than 15 minutes. I'm going out to play it now."

Plus, you can also edit/add locations for courses that have already been surveyed by a fellow IntelliGolfer.

Once you have surveyed a golf course, you can use the IntelliGolf Eagle edition or Eagle GPS Option software, in combination with your GPS-enabled smartphone (or a Bluetooth GPS receiver), to view distances to key locations on your favorite courses.

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IMPORTANT: This software only works with IntelliGolf "version 10.0" (or higher). If you are running an earlier version of IntelliGolf, please visit to upgrade.

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