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IntelliGolf is Golf's #1 Scoring and GPS Software
for the Palm and Treo handhelds, Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones, Sony Ericsson, and Nokia smartphones

May 25, 2017
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Golf's #1 Scoring, Wagering and GPS Software™
in 125+ Countries Worldwide!

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I thought that carrying my smartphone on the course would be a silly thing to do. I was afraid that I would lose focus and detract from my game. I was pleasantly suprised. Not only is it easy to use but I receive a lot of quick, meaningful information about my game. The game scoring is wonderful and has encouraged me and my friends to play more games. The bookkeeping was always such a hassle, but not anymore. We have all noticed that playing games increases course honesty!! No mulligans in competition. It is also a great way to check math.
  -Michael Kipper More player quotes

IntelliGolf® Premium for Android
Limited Time Special: FREE (click here)
(List Price: $29.99)

The ONLY golf software to include all 7 S's of golf!

• Scoring,
 • Statistics,
  • Sidegames,
   • Shot tracking,
    • Signature courses,
      • Sharing of Rounds &
        • Satellite GPS all-in-one.

Improve your game and have more fun.

Awarded "Best Product of the Year" IntelliGolf includes all of the features you will need to improve your game, increase your winnings, and have more fun on the golf course. It is easy to use, quick to learn, and is as versatile as your golf game! Click here to listen to a CNET overview on IntelliGolf. Or, click on the IntelliGolf Video box (upper left column) to watch ING's overview on the IntelliGolf software.

It's advanced IntelliGolf Technology ("Intellogy") makes it perfect for use on Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, HP, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Palm and other popular smartphones. Click here for more products.

IntelliGolf® Desktop for Android
Limited Time Special: $14.99 (click here)
(List Price: $39.99)

The IntelliGolf® Birdie edition is the perfect desktop companion software for your Android-based smartphone. It includes our latest 1) Windows-based PC software for charting, graphing, viewing trend lines and approximating your handicap, 2) Wi-Fi synchronization software for uploading/downloading rounds, courses and players from your smartphone to your PC, and our unique 3) Cloud access software to our golf course server (DB) of over 27,000+ courses worldwide. Over 85% of our customers add the Birdie edition desktop companion software to their Android-based smartphone software. Get it today while it's still on SPECIAL!

* Special IntelliGolf software pricing is only available for a LIMITED TIME. IntelliGolf, Inc., reserves the right to modify its products and prices at any time.

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