IntelliGolf - New Platform Sign-up Instructions

Thank you for visiting the IntelliGolf New Platform Sign-up List web page. As you know, IntelliGolf, Inc., supports the broadest range of handheld/smartphone platforms in the industry. We are constantly striving to keep our existing platforms current as well as adding support for additional platforms based upon customer demand. Below are instructions detailing how to cast your vote for new platform(s) as well as to be added onto our New Platform Notification List(s).

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to put the exact words listed (below) into the Subject line of your email to us. That way our automated system will make sure that your vote is counted :-).

To vote for your platform of choice, and to be added to that plaform's notification/update list, please follow the instructions below:

Existing Platforms: If you do not see your platform listed above, that could be because the IntelliGolf software already supports it. Please click here to see the platforms and products we are currently shipping.


Most Asked Question: Why did IntelliGolf, Inc. decide to support the Android platform "before" the iPhone, Blackberry 10, or Windows Mobile 7/8 platforms?

Answer: Simple economics. According to IDC, Apple's iPhone represented 19% of global smartphone shipments in 2012, compared with about 70% for all Android phones. To view a great report on "Smartphone statistics and marketshare" for 2012 please click here. That said, IntelliGolf, Inc. plans on supporting the iPhone, Blackberry 10, and Windows Mobile 7/8 platforms in the future. To cast you vote for what platform we should support next, please see the above categories.


Have a Great Round!

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