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Eagle Edition for Blackberry Trial Download

FREE IntelliGolf trial edition Yours to try for 3 full rounds of golf!

Before downloading your FREE trial edition would you please take a few moments to answer the four (4) short questions below? The results of this survey will remain anonymous. Thank you in advance! (You may skip this questionnaire by scrolling to the bottom of the page.)

1. Where did you first see IntelliGolf? (please check one)

At the golf course

On a web download site

On a web store/reseller site

On a web search engine

The in-box catalog

A handheld-related magazine

A golf-related magazine (e.g Golf Magazine)

An on-line advertisement / banner

An editorial review


2. How long have you owned your handheld/handset device?

One month or less

Two to six months

Seven to twelve months

Thirteen to eighteen months

More than eighteen months

3. What best describes your job area?





Doctor/Dentist/Legal/Professional Services

Senior management (VP, President, CEO)


4. How often do you travel for business and pleasure?

Once per year or less

Two to four times per year

Five to eight times per year

Nine to twelve times per year

Thank you for your valuable time.

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IMPORTANT: Please click on the "Download trial copy" button (below). Then "SAVE" the IntelliGolf file to your Windows-based PC. After your IntelliGolf download is complete, please visit www.intelligolf.com/tour.asp for "Installation Instructions" for your particular platform. Please write down this URL (www.intelligolf.com/tour.asp) so that you will have it once your download is complete. :-)

Have a Great Round!