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IntelliGolf: Golf's #1 Scoring and GPS Software!™

Thank you for your interest in reviewing IntelliGolf®. It is "Golf's #1 Scoring and GPS Software" for handhelds/smartphones. The IntelliGolf software has been used by golfers, teaching pros, college teams, and golf professionals (PGA, EGA, and RCGA) and their caddies since 1997. It is available through leading electronic commerce resellers, distributors, and OEMs.

The IntelliGolf software includes free access to the largest international golf course database in the world via the Internet or wireless connections (carrier-based data plan may be required). Hole yardages, par ratings, hole handicaps, and course specifics are all included. This saves IntelliGolf users approximately 300 key strokes per round in set-up, and up to $59.95 in annual membership fees or up to $19.95 per course download, as compared to other products. In addition, IntelliGolf's copyrighted scorecard design takes only 5-8Kb of handheld memory (per course) as compared to up to 400,000 bytes of memory for competing products. IntelliGolf saves time, money, and memory.

IntelliGolf is the only golf scoring software to include all 7 S's of golf: Scoring, Shot tracking, Sharing, 35+ Sidegames, 250+ Statistics, 27,000+ Signature courses, and Satellite GPS. Now golfers can automate golf scoring and wagering, view distances and track shots with GPS accuracy, and view performance statistics and graphs on their handheld or PC. All this can be done for an unlimited number of rounds, players and courses. IntelliGolf even approximates the golfer's handicap.

The IntelliGolf software is compatible with hundreds of millions of Android-based smartphones, Blackberry-based smartphones, Windows Mobile-based Smartphones and Pocket PCs, Nokia-based smartphones, Palm and Treo handhelds, Symbian/Java-based smartphones (e.g. Sony Ericsson P900/910/990, M600, Walkman W900/950, etc), and hundreds of millions of Windows-based PCs. Additional platforms are under investigation/development. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at pr@intelligolf.com. Please put "IntelliGolf Press Question" in the Subject Line of your email. Thank you!

Product Overview

The IntelliGolf software comes in five (5) versions depending upon your needs and price range. They include the "Eagle Pro Bundle" edition, the "Eagle Smartphone" edition, the "Eagle GPS Option", the "Birdie" edition, and the "Desktop" edition. Please click on the URL below for detailed product and pricing information.


Quick-Start Tour

To help customers get started with IntelliGolf, we have created Quick-Start Tours (i.e. on-line manual with screen shots). They provide many graphic representations on how to enter and score a Round of golf, download courses, review performance graphs, print scorecards, and synchronize Round information with the golfer's PC. The IntelliGolf Quick-Start Tours can be found at:


GPS Surveying your Favorite Golf Course

Over 27,000+ signature course scorecards are available for use with IntelliGolf via the IntelliGolf course database. These scorecards include hole-by-hole yardages, par ratings, hole handicaps, and course specifics. In addition, users of the IntelliGolf Eagle edition can upload and download GPS coordinates for "GPS Surveyed" courses. Using our IntelliGPS® system, and our advanced IntelliGolf Technology, Eagle edition customers will be able to view GPS distances to the 200, 150, 100 yard markers, the front, center, and back of the Green, plus up to three (3) custom fairway points of their choosing (e.g. stream, sand trap, lake, etc). IntelliGolfers worldwide are uploading their favorite course's GPS coordinates everyday. If your favorite course has not been GPS Surveyed yet, it is easy to do. Simply follow the instructions listed via the URL below.


Product Awards and Reviews

IntelliGolf is a certified Google Play Android application, Microsoft Windows Mobile Powered Solution, Palm Powered Solution, and Java Powered Solution. In addition, we have been honored with many industry awards for IntelliGolf including those listed at the URL listed below.


Thank you again for your interest in IntelliGolf. If you have any questions feel free to contact us directly at pr@intelligolf.com, or you can go to our Support web page (including FAQs) located at http://www.intelligolf.com/support/support.asp.