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Upload or Update a Golf Course

The instructions below will guide you through the course entry and upload process. Once you've done it once, you'll find that it is very easy to do! Plus, all IntelliGolfers will really appreciate your efforts :-). Thank you and "Have a Great Round!"

BTW - We'd suggest printing this web page before proceeding to upload a new golf course :-).

Entering and Uploading a New Course into IntelliGolf is Easy!

IMPORTANT: Adding/Editting/Uploading a course into the IntelliGolf course database requires that version 10.2 (or higher) of the IntelliGolf "desktop" software is running on your PC. The "desktop" edition software comes bundled with the IntelliGolf Eagle "Pro Bundle" edition, Birdie edition, and Desktop edition software. It does not come bundled with the Eagle "Value" edition software. If you are running the IntelliGolf Eagle "Smartphone" edition version 9.x-11.x software, you can upgrade to the IntelliGolf Eagle "Pro Bundle" edition software by clicking here via the Intelli-eStore. Please see the IntelliGolf Eagle "SP-to-Pro" Upgrade edition software listed on the Intelli-eStore. It's out "Best Seller".

  1. Enter the course's scorecard information into the IntelliGolf desktop software (included in the IntelliGolf Birdie, Eagle, and Desktop editions). To do this, please click on the "Courses" tab in the IntelliGolf desktop software, then "Courses" in the menu bar (top), then "Add". Enter the course name, address, et cetera. Then, click on "New" and fill in the course's yardage, handicap, and par information by Tee. Once complete, please click on "OK" and your new course will be saved into the IntelliGolf desktop software. Then, please proceed to Step #2.

    Note 1: As a courtesy to all IntelliGolfers, please include the course name, location, at least three (3) sets of tees (i.e. tee name, par, yardage, and handicap by hole, plus slope and rating). Thank you.

    Note 2: We recommend entering tees in "alphabetical" order (e.g. Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow, etc) when adding a new set of tees or adding a new course (i.e. tees). Otherwise, unpredictable results may occur. For more information on this topic please see the General section of our FAQs by clicking here. Thank you.

    Note: Entering a new course can also be done via your handheld/smartphone. Instructions for adding a new course can be found in our Quick Start Tours (i.e. on-line manuals) by platform by clicking here. If you entered the course's scorecard information via your handheld/smartphone, please synchronize your handheld/smartphone with the IntelliGolf desktop software. That will upload the course information to the IntelliGolf desktop software (Birdie, Eagle and Desktop editions). Then follow the instructions listed below.

    Note: If you would also like to upload GPS locations with your scorecard, we have instructions on how to enter/upload GPS locations by clicking here.

  2. On your personal computer, start up the IntelliGolf desktop software (Birdie, Eagle, and Desktop editions). To do this click on (Windows) Start, Programs, highlight IntelliGolf, and click on IntelliGolf.

  3. Click on the Courses tab (top). Locate the course you want to upload and then "right click" on the course name using your mouse. Next, select the "Copy" menu item. This will copy the selected course into the Windows "clipboard".

  4. Right click in the text area below and choose the Paste menu item. This will copy your course information from the clipboard into the text area. (In some browsers you may have to use the Paste command in the Edit menu).

    Check if update of existing course
    To start over press: 

  5. If you have not entered the country code and/or state/province for the course in the desktop software, please fill in:
     For US States please enter a 2 letter abbreviation (e.g. CA).
    For Provinces (e.g. Canada) please enter the full province name (e.g. Quebec).
    For all others, please leave "blank".

    *** During the Winter months (Northern Hemisphere) course database updates will be done every few months. Courses will traditionally appear in the database just after the first weekend of the new month (i.e. excluding holiday-bounded weekends). During the Summer months, course updates will happen more frequently. As such, please do not submit your course again, and again, etc. That will only restart the submission clock. Note: If you would like to make special arrangements to have the IntelliGolf course database updated at your convenience/request, please click here for more information.

    Please click on the "Press this button" bar below to submit your course for review/acceptance into the IntelliGolf course database. IntelliGolfers worldwide will appreciate your efforts. Thank you!

  6. BTW - GPS coordinates submitted for the front, center, and back of the green, and to the 200, 150, and 100 yard/meter markers will be added into the IntelliGolf database (i.e. if submitted). Your custom fairway entries will not be loaded into the IntelliGolf course database as those are your personal items for your individual use with the IntelliGolf software :-).

Updating an Existing Course is Easy!

  1. Download an existing course from the IntelliGolf course database into the IntelliGolf desktop software (i.e. included in the Birdie, Eagle, and Desktop edition software). This can be done via the Courses web page by clicking here.

  2. Start up the IntelliGolf desktop software. Click on the "Courses" tab, highlight the course to be updated, then "Courses" in the menu bar (top), and then "Edit".

  3. Next, select the Tee to be edited (e.g. Blue, White, Red) from the pull-down menu. Then, click on "Edit" (between New and Delete). That will provide you with the ability to edit the each hole's length, handicap, and par rating. Once done, please click on "OK". Now, the tee information has been updated.

  4. Proceed to Step #3 in the Upload instructions towards the top of this web page. That will show you how to upload the updated course information into the IntelliGolf course database. It's easy with IntelliGolf!

    BTW - Please do not change the Course "Name" field when updating a course listing. If you do, it will create a new (separate) listing for the same course. Any other field may be changed/updated :-).