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Birdie Upgrade for BlackBerry® smartphones


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  • Windows Me, NT, XP, Vista or Windows 7
  • 16MB RAM
  • 1MB free disk space
  • Windows 

  • BlackBerry smartphone
  • 250Kb free memory
  • BlackBerry OS v5.x-7.x

Sales information: sales@intelligolf.com

The IntelliGolf Birdie Upgrade version 11.x software is the perfect way to enhance the features included your current IntelliGolf Par, Birdie, or Desktop edition version 9.x (or higher) software. It will automatically convert all of your existing players, courses, and rounds to the new IntelliGolf version 11 format. The IntelliGolf® software is perfect for use on Blackberry-based smartphones running RIM's version 5.x, 6.x and 7.x smartphone operating systems and Windows-based PCs. For our latest information on Blackberry smartphone compatibility please click here.

The IntelliGolf Birdie edition includes support for the 6 S's of Golf (see below). Automate golf scoring and wagering. Evaluate performance statistics and graphs for an unlimited number of rounds, players and courses. Approximate your handicap. Smartphone- , Windows PC-, and Sync-compatible software are all included. IntelliGolf: Golf's #1 Scoring Software™ in 125+ countries worldwide!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This upgrade must be installed via the same PC that is currently running your existing live IntelliGolf version 9.x-10.x software. For more information on IntelliGolf's upgrade policy please click here.

Actual IntelliGolf Screens

With today's upgrade, you will also receive the following benefits:

  • Receive all version 11.x upgrades for FREE;
  • Receive all version 11.x course downloads for FREE;
  • Receive IntelliNews email updates for FREE;
  • Plus, get all of the new IntelliGolf features today.

With the IntelliGolf Birdie edition, now you can access and download any of our 27,000+ signature courses directly to your PC and/or smartphone (carrier-based data access plan required), for use with IntelliGolf. Round set-up is a breeze! Hole yardages, par ratings, and hole handicaps are all included. Plus, course downloads are FREE for IntelliGolf version 11.x users and are less than 5-8Kb in size. Other companies charge up to $59.95 in annual membership fees, or up to $19.95 per course download, and can be over 400,000 bytes in size. IntelliGolf saves you time, money, and memory. It is no wonder that IntelliGolf is Golf's #1 Scoring Software!™

The IntelliGolf Birdie edition includes the 6 S's of golf:

  • Scoring;
  • Shot tracking;
  • Sidegame wagers (35+);
  • Statistics and graphs (250+);
  • Signature courses (27,000+), and
  • Sharing of information between handhelds.

BTW - IntelliGolf has been used by hundreds of thousands of golfers worldwide including college and high school teams, PGA, EGA, RCGA golf professionals and their caddies in 125+ countries worldwide!

Smartphone Software

Use the IntelliGolf handheld software to automate golf scoring for up to five players (i.e. fivesome) on the course. Track shots for every club including hybrids. Evaluate game-improving statistics and graphs. IntelliGolf will even add up your group's wagers using any of the included sidegames (e.g. skins, birdies, stablefords, etc).

The IntelliGolf handheld software includes:

  • Golf scoring for five;
  • Thirty wagering games;
  • Shot tracking for all clubs;
  • Posting and honors display;
  • Wireless and color support;
  • Traditional and shotgun starts;
  • Performance statistics and graphs;
  • Drive, approach, chip and putt tracking;
  • Unlimited custom wagering options, and
  • ScorecardView™ display system.

IntelliGolf includes the ability to enter your official USGA Handicap Index, EGA Index, Handicap (e.g. RCGA), or approximate a handicap for you. Under license from the USGA®, IntelliGolf will convert your official Handicap Index to a Course Handicap based upon its Slope® rating. At the end of your round, IntelliGolf will automatically compute your Adjusted Maximum Score for posting. No more charts and tables. IntelliGolf does it for you!

Desktop Software

As an IntelliGolf customer you will also receive our powerful Windows-based PC software. Using your Internet browser and IntelliGolf, you will have free upload and download access to thousands of signature courses, including their digital scorecards, for use with IntelliGolf. Now you will be able to upload and download your favorite courses for all IntelliGolfers to share. Manual scorecard entry is a thing of the past with IntelliGolf.

The IntelliGolf Birdie edition will track cumulative round statistics, print scorecards and export round results in HTML format for posting to the web. IntelliGolf even includes trend graphics. In full color, view trend lines showing how your total score relates to putting, driving, and to greens hit in regulation. Now you can quickly spot areas of improvement and areas for improvement.

Imagine if you could play every hole to your full potential. IntelliGolf can help. In seconds, IntelliGolf will compare your best, average and worst scores on each hole for a selected course. It will then create a Dream Round™ scorecard for you. You will be amazed at how well you would score if you played every hole to your full potential. Plus, IntelliGolf now includes a putt analyzer to help you spot putting trends. Did you know that putting accounts for approximately 40% of your strokes? Improve your putting = lower scores.

The IntelliGolf desktop software includes:

  • Trend graphics;
  • Dream round scoring;
  • Historical round tracking;
  • Putt analyzer and graphs;
  • IntelliCap™ handicap calculator;
  • Access to thousands of signature courses;
  • Scorecard printing plus web-based display;
  • HTML and XML export file capabilities, and
  • Game-improving statistics in 250 categories.

Want GPS?

The IntelliGolf Eagle Smartphone (SP) Option softare adds our latest GPS-based smartphone software to your smartphone for only $10 more. The Eagle SP Option software provides the ability to view distances and track shots from tee-to-green with GPS accuracy using industry-leading GPS receivers and your handheld/smartphone. Club selection has never been easier. After clicking on "Buy Now" (above), simply click on "Add to Cart" in the Special Offers box (right side during Check Out) to add the IntelliGolf Eagle SP Option software to your Birdie edition order. You'll be glad you did!

Join golfers in 125+ countries worldwide that are using IntelliGolf to improve their game and increase their winnings. IntelliGolf -- Golf's #1 Scoring Software!™ Get it today.

Installation Instructions

To install IntelliGolf onto your BlackBerry smartphone, please click here to view our on-line Quick Start Tour. It will show you how to install IntelliGolf onto your smartphone, download courses, enter players, and how score your rounds with IntelliGolf.

Note: If you purchased your BlackBerry smartphone over 90 days ago, you should consider downloading and installing RIM's latest Desktop and Device software. They will both run a lot run a lot better :-). Please click here for more information. We also have a lot of great FAQs on loading/installing/using IntelliGolf on BlackBerry smartphones by clicking here.

Have a Great Round!

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